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Rosie Thomas: A Very Rosie Christmas

Brimming over with Christmas spirit, exuberance and Rosie’s unique Seattle-based strain of humor and creativity, A Very Rosie Christmas serves up a widely diverse mix of original and classic holiday songs. Beside her new husband Jeff Shoop and longtime producer Josh Myers, Rosie called upon friends (Damien Jurado), family (Brian Thomas) and alter egos (Sheila […]

Romantic Gift Ideas for Christmas

As the holidays approach, partners are searching for the most romantic gift ideas for one another. For those couples who have been married for many years, it can be challenging to come up with something new and fresh, come each year. Then on the other hand, for those couples who are just starting a new […]

Toys R Us Top Christmas Toys List

Each Christmas season, major toy sellers release their holiday predictions for the hottest selling toys. Toys R Us is included in this list with their “Fabulous 15” top Christmas toys list. They claim that their list is the result of “countless hours dedicated to identifying the best products throughout the year.” When looking for gift […]

Planning for a Green Christmas

It’s easy to get drawn in by the hype of marketing and societal expectations and to adopt a “what the hell, it’s only once a year,” attitude. If you are committed to ethical living (working to reduce your ecological footprint) you can avoid this “seasonal collapse” through making a few key decisions well before the […]

Ideal Christmas Presents to Give Children

Christmas is traditionally viewed as a time of giving, often to an excessive level, but the recession has made many people rethink the type of children’s presents they buy. Giving something that provides value for money, and will encourage children’s imaginations, is likely to fulfill both adults’ and children’s needs. Drawing and Painting Materials Rainy […]

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