The 12 Top Selling Toys for Christmas

The definitive list of the hottest toys on the market is out. Every year the Toy Retail Association releases this dream list of the predicted best-selling toys for Christmas. Here’s the official top 12 toys for 2017 which range in price from around £10.00 to £50.00. Top Toys for Boys Bakugan Battle Pack (RRP: £19.99): […]

Last Minute Gifts by ShirleyGirls

Great gifts are available at gas stations, drug stores, and grocery stores, according to gift expert Daphne Shirley of ShirleyGirls. These are gifts that can be bought on the way to the party. Not even wrapping is required. Before Entering the Store Have a theme in mind before entering the store to purchase a gift. […]

Stress Free Christmas Dinner

To have a stress free Christmas dinner, ask for help. Assign each person or family two dishes to prepare. The covered dishes go well with a buffet style serving. Ask the guests to bring extra serving utensils. This dinner plan consists of many short cuts which use pre-prepared dishes. Check out the local deli for […]

Sears Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Sears consumers reviews form the basis for this selection of hot toys for the coming Christmas season. None of these toys were selected by the Canadian Toy Council as “best bets;” only parent ratings were considered for this review. These are toys that parents have picked and recommended for factors such as price, durability, play […]

San Francisco’s Holiday Celebrations

Although the annual tree lightings throughout the City and the advent of Market Street’s “Path of Gold” with its illuminated light poles and giant LED snowflakes begin in mid-November, December is prime time for the holiday entertainments. Spirit Stimulators Strollers need only to go window-shopping at the stores on streets across from Union Square, where […]

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